Eyez-Up App Hits 5,000 downloads

Eyez-Up, our safe driving app, has reached over 5,000.  Why is this important?  We are limiting distracted driving and saving lives.

Finally, an easy way to stop teens from texting while driving.

EyezUP automatically locks your teen’s phone as soon as their car starts moving – and then automatically unlocks the phone when their car stops.

You control everything remotely from your own phone.
– Change the lock/unlock speed and timing
– Instantly lock and unlock the phone from anywhere
– Track location and car speed
– Get instant tamper alerts
– PIN # required for child to remove app from phone

How does it work?
1) Install the EyezUP app on your phone first.
2) Follow the in-app instructions to install the EyezUP app on your teen’s phone.
3) Done! No additional hardware or software needed.

Works seamlessly between iOS and Android.


“Set up was easy. I installed the app on my own phone first, then used my phone to set up my teen’s phone.” – Dave B.

“I feel so much better that everything is automatic. No more arguments. No more worrying” – Sandra S.

“I love the fact I can always see where they are and how fast they are driving.” – Lisa D.

Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

You and your teen driver can review our Parent-Teen Driving Agreement.  We encourage each of you to review and sign it.  If you haven’t already checked out the free trial of the Eyez-Up app, now is a great time.

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