Getting Your Teen Driver the Right Car

Getting your teen driver ready to tackle driver training is a huge step into adulthood and a right of passage. Your Son or daughter will be leaving their childhood behind a little bit more and stepping into a new world. The next step once your child learns to drive is to consider what they will drive. Will they simply drive the family car, or will they get their own? Will they get a new car or a used one? These questions and more will become fuel for serious discussion as your teen gets closer to getting their own license. The following tips will help guide you in the decision-making process when it comes to cars and your new driver:

  • The family wagon is the chariot of choice. Keeping it simple may be the best way for many families. After all, the family car will be the one they learned to drive and familiarity breeds safety. However comforting this may be, mom and dad will have to get used to being without a car when the new driver wants to hit the road. Familiarity vs. availability can become a problem and another car for your teen driver to drive may be the right fit.


  • New or used? While every teen driver would absolutely love a brand-new car, this might not be the best choice for a new driver. If a new car works for your family and your teenager has proven themselves trustworthy then let safety features be your guide as you choose a new car. On the other end, a used car is a wonderful way for a new driver to fully experience this responsibility they now possess while skipping a hefty car payment.


  • Who will pay? Whether you are sharing the family car or getting a used one for your son or daughter, clear expectations should be laid out as to the cost responsibility of car payments, maintenance and even fuel. How much will your son or daughter be expected to pay? Will they cover their own insurance? Will you as the parent pay for the maintenance or will you go 50/50 with your child? Having clear expectations will help your teen know what to expect and how much they should contribute.


Heading into this fresh territory can be an exciting adventure. With a little planning it can be a great learning experience for your child as well.

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