Stop Distracted Driving. The Revolution is Here

Since the advent of the cell phone, more and more of our time driving has been spent sending messages, checking e-mail, and browsing social media, when we should be focused on driving. On average, 11 children die each day as a result of texting and driving. The problem is quickly becoming an epidemic. There is finally an easy, affordable answer that can take the worry away from parents while their children are out on the road driving.

DRIVINGWIZE is a revolutionary new app specifically designed to STOP Distracted Driving. Putting control of a Child’s phone in the hands of the Parents. DrivingWize allows a parent to set a speed at which their child’s phone will go into a locked mode, allowing only calls and apps to be used that the parent chooses. DrivingWize will eliminate the temptation of a child to make calls, browse social media, or send texts, but does allow the child to make calls to numbers set be the parent. DrivingWize also allows the use of apps selected by the parent such as google maps, or music apps.

DrivingWize is simple to download, set up and easy use. It can be found on the Google Play and the Apple Store.

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